Cleaning synthetic turf isn’t rocket science, but we take it just as seriously.

We are absolutely obsessed with keeping synthetic turf safe and clean so you don’t have to be!

We know what works because we work with turf.

OxyTurf was carefully developed by artificial grass experts who install and maintain turf on a daily basis.

We’ve seen the problems caused by harmful contaminiants that survive in turf and can be transferred to kids, pets, any anyone else who comes in close contact with artificial grass.

Our highly experienced chemists develop health-conscious, environmentally-friendly products that are proven effective in eliminating 99.9% of odor causing and harmful contaminants in your artificial turf.

OxyTurf is part of a family of turf care products that make cleaning artificial grass easy and safe in every environment.

Germs & Bacteria?

Not in your backyard.

Like real grass, turf comes in contact with dirt, sludge, spills, slobber, sweat, animal droppings and every other type of grime that can be tracked across the ground. 

Contaminants get lodged in the fibers of your turf and starts to thrive, creating a cozy home for all sorts of harmful gunk!

Keep your turf contaminant-free and safe for your kids and pets with a stabilized enhanced hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-based solution made from biodegradable, Earth-friendly ingredients.

Your opponents may play dirty...

But your turf will stay clean.

Synthetic turf at sports fields, public parks, and golf courses all see lots of contact with sweaty equipment, bodily fluids, and other instances of rough use that can spread contaminants. Turf at dog parks, vet hospitals and kennels are magnets for pets to pick up harful contaminants from droppings and saliva.

Synthetic grass at school playgrounds, residential common areas, and parks trap harmful contaminants from sticky fingers, sloppy spills, and standing water that can transfer them to kids.

Level the playing field in the fight to keep turf clean with an MAXIMUM STRENGTH cleaner-deodorizer that is safe for kids, pets, and plants.

Questions about turf installation or cleaning synthetic turf?

Tell us what you’ve got — or what you want — and we’ll help you find the best synthetic turf installation and cleaning solution.

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