How Clean Is Your Turf?

a powerful synthetic turf cleaner - deodorizer with the amazing scent of fresh real grass!

Get the gross out of your grass!

Now that you’ve installed your turf, think your job here is done? Think again.

Without proper maintenance, germs and bacteria get trapped just below the surface of your turf.

But don’t worry, OxyTurf synthetic turf cleaner-disinfectant deodorizer will take care of the problem!

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Benefits of using OxyTurf:

• One step cleaning (no pre-cleaning needed)
• Disinfectant cleaning action kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria
• Cleans without leaving behind a dull residue
• Bleach-free and safe for daily use

Keep your Synthetic Turf as spotless as your reputation!

Use OxyTurf to kill germs and bacteria in your yard, on your sports fields, play grounds, and kennels. OxyTurf knocks out germs on contact!