OXYTURF X - An All-Natural Weed & Grass Killer

OXYTURF X WEED & GRASS KILLER is a professionally formulated, broad-spectrum, non-toxic herbicide, expertly designed for turf applications to effectively combat weeds and grasses both within and around synthetic turf areas, as well as in other areas where such vegetation is undesirable.

OXYTURF X is a fast-acting, non-selective, Ready-To-Use solution; no mixing or dilution is required. Simply connect the battery-powered sprayer, spray the flora you wish to eliminate, and watch unwanted weeds and grass wither away. Typical results visible within 24 hours.


Shake well before use.

HOW TO ASSEMBLE: To free the battery-powered sprayer, cut zip tie from the holster. Remove the sprayer from the holster and unravel the sprayer’s hose. Unscrew the cap of 1-Gal. OxyTurf Weed & Grass Killer, feed battery-powered sprayer hose into the 1-Gal. bottle and screw to tighten the sprayer’s cap to the bottle.

HOW TO USE: Energize the sprayer by removing the battery’s pull tab at the bottom of the unit. Attach the Battery-Powered Sprayer to the bottle and set the nozzle to the desired output amount. Spray weeds or grass until the foliage is completely wet and covered. Expect results in 24 hours for the product to work.

Large, hardened, or mature growth may be more difficult to control and may require re-treatment. After 72 hours and once weeds or grass is killed, pull them from the root and dispose. Clean turf area with OxyTurf Cleaner & Deodorizer after weeds and grass has been killed and removed.