Turf maintenance is as easy as AGCFAQ

(Artificial Grass Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions)

Learn more about the benefits of artificial grass and how to keep your turf in tip-top shape.

Is Turf safe for my kids?

Yes, if you maintain it properly. Have your turf professionally cleaned and serviced on a regular basis and use a high-quality turf cleaner like OxyTurf.

What can I spray on pesky weeds that won't damage my turf?

Most weed killers on the market will not damage the turf. But—most weed killers contain chemicals that can be harmful to your children and pets. Luckily, OxyTurf Weed Control is safe for everyone.

Does the turf need any upkeep or maintenance?

Absolutely! Turf is commonly sold as a “set it and forget it” product which is highly false. Synthetic turf requires periodic brushing, decompaction, de-weeding, re-sanding, and deep cleansing—especially if children and or pets are present. Artificial grass cleaning is a must. The great news is: you can do it yourself (without any harsh chemicals) using OxyTurf.

What types of bacteria or viruses can grow or cultivate on the turf?

Studies involved show the survival of Staph, MRSA, and HIV in turf, to name a few.

Will my pets' urine and droppings smell over time if not cleaned and removed properly?

Yes, if you don’t wash down your turf regularly. Use an anti-bacterial, odor killing-cleanser like OxyTurf to knock out odors without exposing your pets or kids to harsh chemicals.

Does turf mold or mildew?

Yes, both mold and mildew can grow on and underneath the turf. OxyTurf neutralizes mold and mildew using a non-toxic formula made from biodegradable ingredients.

Are all turf products the same?

No. Turf comes in a wide variety of products that differ in material, blade length, backing, infill, color etc.

Do pests like bugs and insects cultivate and breed in turf?

Definitely. Studies have shown that insects like mosquitos and ants cultivate deep within the turf. It is recommended that you spray your turf with a natural insecticide like OxyTurf.

Does turf drain well?

Yes. Turf is perforated with drain holes every 4 inches as well as perforation where each blade is stitched to the backing.

How hot does the turf get in the summer?

In direct sunlight, turf does increase in temperature. We recommend using OxyTurf Cool Spray, it has some cooling agents that help keep the temp down.

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