A tough but gentle synthetic turf disinfectant?

Oh OxyTurf... You’re so intriguing!

OxyTurf’s biodegradable formula kills germs & bacteria while keeping kids and pets safe.

It’s everything you’ve been looking for.

Don’t let germs & bacteria gain any ground

Your synthetic turf looks great on the surface, but germs and bacteria lurk in its fibers, turning your dazzling turf into a creepy carpet of crud.

OxyTurf’s hydrogen peroxide-based formula kills 99.9% of germs & bacteria that take up residence in your turf.

OxyTurf has been proven effective to kill:

Tough enough for Fido’s funk

Pet odors get trapped in turf and start to smell bad fast. Other synthetic turf cleaners are complicated and use live enzymes or harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia.

These enzyme cleaners are ineffective at eliminating the cause of the odors, allowing them to return and they leave behind unwanted residue.

OxyTurf’s biodegradable ingredients and patented formula is safe enough to use on areas where kids and pets play, leaving nothing behind but a fresh, clean scent.

Turf care never smelled so sweet!

How to use OxyTurf

OxyTurf can be used as a spot disinfectant cleaner for one-time messes and as ongoing protection against the germs & bacteria that try to lodge themselves into your synthetic turf on a daily basis.

For Single Use:

• Use the hand-held spray bottle, battery powered sprayer, or backpack sprayer to apply OxyTurf to the desired area
• Wait 10 minutes for OxyTurf to penetrate the turf, soak into the base, and kill all the germs and bacteria

As Ongoing Protection:

• OxyTurf cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes approximately 1000sf per gallon

OxyTurf goes where the germs grow

Whether you are cleaning the dog's preferred area of the yard or keeping a synthetic grass sports field safe for the players, OxyTurf does the same great job of cleaning and disinfecting turf without harsh, overpowering chemicals.

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