Introducing a powerful artificial grass cleaner that’s safe for kids, pets, and plants.

How to clean artificial turf the smart and safe way

You’ve installed your turf and you love the way it looks. Your job is done here, right? Not so fast. Artificial turf is magnificent, but it isn’t magic. To make your investment last, you’ll need to maintain your turf. Here’s how to do it right.

Stop sweating the small stuff

You can’t see them, but you know they’re there. Germs. Artificial turf provides the ideal conditions for bacteria and viruses to thrive—that is, if you don’t clean and disinfect your turf regularly. When kids or pets play on artificial grass (or when someone drops a sandwich, spills a soda, or just tracks general grossness across high-traffic areas), germs can take up residence and start to grow on the spot. Use a proven artificial turf cleaner to spray down the area and make sure that germs don’t get in the way of your good times.

Say “adios” to odors

Today’s artificial turf looks and acts just like real grass—for the most part. But because it’s a woven synthetic, residue from liquids, pet hair, and animal droppings can become trapped in the material and start to stink. Spraying your turf with water helps, but it doesn’t do the same job of annihilating odor as a proven disinfectant designed specifically for use on artificial grass. OxyTurf artificial turf cleaner kills germs and bacteria, replacing their creepy odors with a light, clean scent that is derived from a biodegradable formula.

No bleach? No ammonia? It’s a no-brainer.

Other artificial turf disinfectants use harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia to kill germs. Sure, they might blast those little biological critters, but those formulas leave behind all kinds of residues that can irritate skin, weaken your turf, and end up smelling like a laboratory. Not great if you have kids, pets, or quirky neighbors who love to roll around on your synthetic lawn. OxyTurf is different because our formula contains 6% active peroxide and patented Probiotic Protection—not brutal substances that emit weird mystery smells. With a single step, OxyTurf eliminates odors and kills bacteria using biodegradable cleaning agents that are safe for humans, animals and plants.

How to clean artificial turf using OxyTurf

OxyTurf can be used as a spot disinfectant for one-off messes and as ongoing protection against germs lodging themselves in your artificial turf.

For single use:

  • Use the hand-held spray bottle to douse the affected area
  • Wait 10 minutes for OxyTurf to penetrate turf and kill germs and bacteria
  • Wipe up excess with a mop or cloth
As ongoing protection:
  • Connect the OxyTurf industrial solution bottle to your watering hose or sprinkler intake
  • Operate hose or sprinkler system, allowing OxyTurf to mingle with water and soak into turf’s surface
  • OxyTurf will protect turf from bacteria and germs for up to 5 months